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The skills of our specialised partners combined with our many years of experience in the catering and hospitality industry give us the ability to provide services to clients for any type of business.
Providing services for restaurants, bars, nightclubs and event venues, we help our clients reduce their costs, increase their sales, improve their services and focus on methods of effective management.

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Cost Reduction

  • Need help for the supply of quality raw materials at the best prices of the market?
  • Do you know what your profitability is for every product in your store?
  • Do you know the actual cost of your catalogue products?
  • Do you have a clear picture of the wastage of raw materials?

Our team specialises in cost reduction and is here to help you create and maintain a healthy profit margin. Ensuring maximum yield of raw materials, choosing the right suppliers and monitoring waste are just a few factors to name that could directly affect the final cost of your products.

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Visual Communication

  • Do you need guidance for creating your brand?
  • Do you want to rename your business?
  • Do you need help with consolidating communications with your customer base?

Everything you want your business to be associated with should be reflected in your brand. What is your vision, what values do you hold?

The way you communicate with your customers is undoubtedly more important than the products and services provided, because if you cannot clearly communicate what it is that you offer, it will be impossible to direct your sales effectively.

The logo, the colours and fonts that you use, the menu layout and the quality of consumables, each and every part of your business is combined to create the identity of your business. Our team has experience across the range of applications to create or enhance your branding that will improve your sales effectively.

Menu design & Pricing

  • Does your menu not follow market trends and needs a renewal?
  • Do you need to create a special menu?
  • Does the design and layout of your menu create opportunities for parallel sales?
  • Do you need a complete recipe management solution to know the exact cost of each item in your catalogue?

Your menu is the absolute tool that determines the sales of your business. It is the primary means of connection between you and your customers. We can employ a variety of methods to facilitate the creation of an effective menu that will improve your sales and encourage customer return.

Our team will design the layout of the menu, determine the accurate costing and pricing of your dishes and beverages and use other more specialised methods to turn your menu into the effective sales tool it should be.

Business Management

  • Do you need to install IT solutions through which you can monitor your daily sales, own consumption and giveaways?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve the level of offered services?
  • Are there any time-related issues in your kitchen during food preparation that cause delays in the delivery of meals, or affect the quality of your dishes?
  • Do you need guidance on your business’s compliance with Health and Safety rules?
  • Is there a complaint management policy in your business?

The use of effective business processes will ensure the maintenance of quality standards, the excellent service and the steady workflow without surprises. Our team will quickly identify the potential areas of improvement that will ensure the smooth operation of your business.

Staff Management & Training

  • Do you have a very high payroll expense?
  • Are you struggling to find the right people?
  • Do you want to train your staff and upgrade your services?

Your staff is the mirror of your business. A properly trained staff with the right motivation and reward will provide the best and most memorable service to your customers. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals in the industry will be there to systematically train the staff, organise the daily rotas, clarify staff roles and more.

Design & Construction

  • Do you know that the interior design of your business can affects communication with your customers?
  • 70% of the success of a restaurant or cafe is its location. Do you need an analysis of the site you are considering to invest in?
  • Is the quality of the equipment you have selected going to give you a generous return on your investment?
  • Do you need advice on how to frame your idea through product centred design?

Our creative team is involved with the functional design of stores. We are dedicated to creating spaces that are practical and focused on the product, productivity and sales. The projects we commit to can be anything from a simple renovation up to the complete design of a new store.

Our experience has shown that designers-architects are lacking experience in customer service. The factor of functionality in the design of a catering venue is very frequently neglected or ignored. As a result, a business may be affected in the long run, resulting in lower profitability and / or return on investment. The correction of errors at a later stage is in most cases uneconomical.

Sales Management & Marketing

  • Do you know the characteristics of the market you are targeting?
  • Do you need advice on positioning your business in the market?
  • Is there a need to develop a seasonal marketing plan?

The level of competition in the catering industry has become particularly high and it creates a constant need for monitoring the environment in which your business operates. We can help you adopt the right strategy that is tailored to the needs of your business in order to upgrade your market position.

We evaluate the effectiveness of promotional activities, we emphasise on the importance of a concise identity and we propose a comprehensive promotion plan.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy

  • Is your social media profile set up properly?
  • What marketing campaigns did you recently run? Has their effectiveness been measured?
  • How do you increase your sales from existing customers by improving communication using the web, emails and social media?

Through proper and systematic management of social networking tools you will be given the opportunity to know your customers – who they are, when and why they go online, whether they prefer using the computer or a mobile phone and what they are looking for. Such information will help us create efficient channels of communication with existing or prospective customers in order to guide them in their search to choose your business for once more.

New Business

  • Do you want to create a brand new catering venue?
  • Do you want to expand or move your existing store?
  • Do you have a new idea you want to introduce to the market?

Growth and innovation are at the heart of every business. Our team of experts in all areas of the catering industry has the experience to help you in all aspects of creating your new store. From initial conception to opening and beyond, we can offer expert guidance.

Our services include:

  • Concept development and design
  • Venue design, construction and interior decoration
  • Branding
  • Menu design and creation
  • Supply chain management
  • Staff – Team creation & Training
  • Operations Manual
  • Sales Promotion & Marketing