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Our team is comprised of experts in all areas of food service with many years of experience. Each new concept that we incorporate in our activities originates from our love and dedication to the values of authentic Greek hospitality.

Our aim is to collaborate with you in order to create a successful and profitable business. For maximum effectiveness, we give support to all businesses and partners though a central system that provides management services of business processes, including quality controls and human resource management.

We also maintain a corporate marketing department that coordinates the opportunities for visibility and promotion, and furthermore a central department for managing supplies, raw materials, products and equipment. These departments operate for the benefit of the companies we are working with, both on an individual and a collective basis.

Below you can find all the departments and specialisations of our partners:

F&B Department

Accounting Specialists
F&B Managers
Food Cost & Pricing Controller
Purchasing Director

Sales & Marketing

Marketing Managers
Sales Administrators
Promotion Specialists
Social Media Managers
Market Researchers
Digital Promotion Specialists
Web Designers


Operations Managers
Service Experts
Wine & Spirits Experts
Bar Consultants & Mixologists
Coffee Experts & Baristas


Award Winning Chefs
Executive Chefs
(All Cuisine Types)
Executive Pastry & Patisserie Chefs

HR Department

HR Managers
Talent Promoters
Team Building Instructors

Construction & Design

Building Constructors
Work Inspectors
Interior Designers
Civil Engineers